Get Yourself Ready To Be Pampered

Prior to the day of treatment:
Exfoliation – this is one of the most important factors
in preparing your skin for a spray tan. This will
remove dead skin and provide a smooth surface for
your tan.
Exfoliation also helps ensure an even coverage and
lengthens the duration of the tan. Make sure
you pay particular attention to elbows,
ankles and knees.
* Moisturise thoroughly the day before your spray tan.

Shave or wax at least 24 hours before your spray tan as this

will allow pores to close in time, again ensuring a more even


On the day of treatment:

Remove any makeup, moisturiser, deodorant and perfume

before your spray tan appointment as this can act as a

barrier on the skin


What to wear - It is recommended that you wear loose,

dark clothing for your spray tanning appointment or party.


Staining - Spray tan solution washes out of most clothing,

but the cosmetic bronzer could wipe off on lighter coloured

clothes, causing temporary discolouration.


Shower, if possible, the morning of your spray tan not just

before your appointment.

Aftercare – Do’s and Dont’s:

Do not shower or bathe for at least 8 hours, overnight

if possible. Your tan will take time to develop.

The longer you can leave todevelop, the deeper

the tan will be.


Avoid wearing tight fitting garments during the developing

stage as these can cause the tan to go patchy in places.


Do not wear wool, nylon or silk during or after your spray

tan application for at least 8 hours as the sunless ingredients

could cause those materials to stain.

* Do not apply moisturiser until after your fist shower.

Do not swim after your spray tan. Immediate contact with

water,chlorine and salt water can cause your tan to fade faster.


Do not exercise for at least 6 hours after your spray tan

as excessive sweating could inhibit the development of your tan.


Avoid long hot baths and showers as this causes the skin to

exfoliate and will therefore cause your tan to fade faster.


Do not sit on lightly coloured fabrics until you have showered

as the colour guide can cause discolouration.


Do wait at least 8 hours before you shower and for even

better results leave overnight. Please note – don’t worry if

you see colour washing off from your

first shower – this is normal. What you see washing off is the

cosmetic bronzer (the ‘guide’ colour) what is left underneath

is a beautiful, natural looking tan.


Do have luke warm baths and showers as this will prolong your

tan. Pat your skin dry after washing as rubbing your skin may

rub off your tan.


Do moisturise your skin with a good non-oil based product

every time you bathe/shower to maintain colour.


Also, remember extra protection in the sun. Although you will

have a tan you still need to apply an SPF sunscreen when

outdoors to keep your skin from burning.

         And now you are ready to show off your, gorgeous, flawless tan.......Enjoy!!